The 1965 World Championship Horseshoe Tournament in Keene, New Hampshire, was the scene of the greatest horseshoe game of all time when left-handed Glen “Red” Henton of Maquoketa, Iowa, met Ray Martin of Philo, Illinois, on court 10 in the 18th round. The two players tossed 349 ringers in 388 shoes pitched before Henton won the game 52-49. All four shoes were on the stake 63 times during the game. The game lasted approximately two and one half hours with Henton averaging 90.2 percent. Henton threw 175 ringers along with 80 doubles during the game. The game had 317 cancelled ringers. It is difficult to imagine that Martin averaged 89.7 percent and lost the game. Harold Wolfe of Ohio was the scorekeeper and Robert Pence of Gary, Indiana compiled the data for the greatest game ever. The World Record game is published in the Guinness Book 1975-1980.

Glen “Red” Henton, designer of the “Red Henton V-Lok” and “Supreme” horseshoes, is a member of the Iowa and National Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame. He won the Iowa State Championship 19 times. He was the number 1 player in the U.S. in 1977 and won the World Intermediate Championship twice.